“Vacation Friends”: John Cena and the cast discuss a new comedy movie streaming on Hulu on August 27.


PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) – A burst of laughter comedy where viewers learn that what happens in Mexico doesn’t stay in Mexico airs on Hulu on August 27.

It’s called Vacation Friends and Action News got a chance to chat with John Cena and his adult comedy co-stars.

“Vacation Friends is definitely a movie that takes those two words to extremes,” said John Cena, who plays Ron.

In the film, newly engaged couple Marcus and Emily go on vacation to celebrate and befriend Ron and Kyla.

The only problem is, these vacation friends show up to their wedding uninvited.

“We are having the craziest moments of our lives,” said Robert Wisdom, one of the cast members. “I’m glad we created this thing to give people a break.”

Cena says this kind of physical comedy isn’t that different from his in-ring moves.

“It’s not only funny and silly and there’s a lot of physical humor, but he’s got a lot of heart, too,” he said.

Actress Yvonne Orji says she loved the unfolding diapers.

“You could see the redemptive quality of these characters,” says Orji. “They’re not just crazy for crazy reasons. They really have a desire to make an authentic connection.”

The film also sprinkles some life lessons.

“You’re going to find that you can’t always judge a book by its cover,” actor Andrew Bachelor said. “You have to open this book and read the pages and see who the person really is.”

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