Upcoming Week-Long Arts Festival at UWS: Cabaret, Comedy, Film

UPPER WEST SIDE, NY – The first Gold Standard Arts Festival is coming to the Upper West Side later this month to celebrate artists over 50 with a week of comedy, cabaret, parties, panel discussions, short plays and films.

The festival will take place at a variety of venues on Manhattan’s West Side, but is made possible by the Goddard Riverside Community Arts Program. A portion of the festival’s proceeds will be used to fund programs for seniors.

The Gold Standard Arts Festival will run from April 24 to May 1.

The festival kicks off on April 24 with a jazz brunch, served appropriately by Zabar’s, at Stand-Up NY on the Upper West Side.

A few days later, Stand-Up NY will also serve as the location for a comedy show that features comedians Judy Gold, Greer Barnes, Karen Bergreen, Eddie Brill, John Fugelsang, Gary Gulman and Liz Winstead.

Other festival venues on the Upper West Side include the Goddard Riverside Bernie Wohl Center and the New Plaza Cinema at the West End Theatre.

“Goddard Riverside is exceptional at empowering New Yorkers, especially older adults. Sharing the voices and stories of older New Yorkers is so important, and the Gold Standard Film Festival, which elevates the work of filmmakers aged 50 and over, does exactly that, UWS board member Gale A. Brewer said in a press release.

Brewer added that she hopes the festival will become an annual tradition.

Broadway star, actor and Upper West Side resident Richard Kind also shared his thoughts on the new festival.

“Let’s not let age get in the way, and support those who have something to say, or a way to say it, and create a way to say it: a creative way to stay young because if you’re busy and your keep mind by working, you will stay young. So let’s create and save lives,” Kind said at a launch party for the festival.

Festival co-founders Caytha Jentis and Eileen Katz both live on the Upper West Side.

To find out more about the upcoming Gold Standard Arts Festival, to find times and to buy tickets, you can visit the festival website website.

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