Studio 666: Foo Fighters horror comedy trailer

Early last month, the Foo Fighters announced via social media that they’d done something quite surprising: they’ve made an entire horror movie in which they star themselves. Inspired in part by the feature films made by the Beatles in the 1960s and by the band’s haunting experiences while recording their album medicine at midnight, Workshop 666 would blend the classic Foo Fighters sound and energy with the horror-comedy vibes of movies like diabolical death. Now, the first teaser for the movie is here, and it doesn’t disappoint.

The setup for Workshop 666 is joyfully simple: The Foo Fighters rent a house in Encino, California to begin work on a new album. As the jam sessions begin and Dave Grohl begins to set up the recording equipment, something turns out to be very wrong. Something else is in the house besides the band and all their instruments, something much darker rooted in the house’s brutal history, and that’s about to make the sessions feel a little… complicated.

Check it out below:

As you can see in the teaser above, the band absolutely wowed. Workshop 666 with classic horror imagery, of a glowing green swimming pool that reminds us ghost hunters, has a Necronomicon– diabolical book inspired, to all kinds of bizarre creatures. And of course, any movie where Dave Grohl is able to float around the room is worth the price of admission.

According to Grohl, the film has its roots in very real experiences the band claims to have had while recording. medicine at midnight in early 2020, in a rented house built in the 1940s that had, in fact, a dark history. Although the landlord made him sign a nondisclosure agreement about exactly what happened in the house’s past (he was trying to sell the place at the time), Grohl talked about some weird stuff during the recording sessions in an interview last year.

“When we walked into the house in Encino, I knew the vibes were definitely off, but the sound was fucked up,” Grohl told Mojo (via NME). “We started working there and it didn’t take long for things to start moving. We came back to the studio the next day and all the guitars were out of tune. Or the setting we had put on the board, all had returned to zero. We would open a Pro Tools session and tracks would be missing. There were tracks that were put there that we didn’t put there. But just like the strange open mic noises. Nobody plays an instrument or anything like that, just an open mic recording a room. And we would focus on the sounds inside of that. And we didn’t hear any voices or anything really decipherable. But something was happening.

Grohl went on to explain that he even brought a few old baby monitor cameras from home into the house to see if they picked up anything strange.

“At first, nothing. And just when we thought we were being ridiculous and crazy, we started seeing things on the Nest Cam that we couldn’t explain,” the leader said.

We may never see what those cameras picked up, but luckily for all of us, the Foo Fighters made quite a weirdness-based horror movie. Studio 666 is in theaters February 25 and tickets are already on sale.

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