Sitges Pitchbox 2021 unveils film and series finalists


Barcelona-based digital marketplace Filmarket Hub and Sitges Festival in Catalonia have unveiled this year’s lineups for Sitges Pitchbox, an international pitching event focused on genre feature films and series in development.

This year’s event will take place October 8-15 as part of the industry’s broader activities at the Sitges Film Festival. Representatives of each project will have time to present their case to the assembled industry staff of major international companies including Exile Content Studio, Red Arrow Studios, The Mediapro Studio, Wild Bunch and many more.

Four development cash prizes are to be won with the best feature film at € 5,000 ($), two finalist films at € 1,000 ($) each and the best series at € 2,500 ($). The winners will be selected by juries including Javier Fernández from Blood Window, Annick Mahnert from Frontières and Jongsuk Thomas Nam from NAFF-BIFAN for the films and Ana Diez from Movistar Plus, Nína Dögg Filippusdóttir from Vesturport and Candela Izquierdo from Federation of Spain for the series.

The five projects in the series will also be invited to the Showrunners LAB and will offer one-on-one counseling sessions as well as access to a series of masterclasses.

Sitges Pitchbox Films 2021
Credit: Filmarket Hub


“Anima” (Andres Beltran, Colombia, United States)

Written and directed by one of the most promising Colombian artists, “Anima” is Andres Beltran (“Wild District”, “Tarumama”) way of expressing the grief and mourning he felt when he lost his father at a young age through the medium where he flourished, horror cinema. Natalia Echeverri (“Wild District”) from the Colombian producers of “Narcos” Dynamo, who develop a solid relationship with Beltran, produced with Luisa Fernanda Velosa (“Bad Days”)

“Jane” (Aram Garriga, Spain)

Javier Calvo (“Veneno”) and Mara Lethem co-wrote this period drama that revolves around Jane Wolfe, a declining Hollywood star who moves to Sicily to live with her spiritual mentor and romantic correspondent, Aleister Crowley, only to find a situation as unwelcoming as one could imagine. Garriga directs and produces for Visualsuspects and Carles Torras produces for Zabriskie Films.

“La virgen de la tosquera” (Laura Casabé, Argentina, Mexico)

Written by acclaimed Argentinian filmmaker Benjamin Naishtat, based on two stories by author Mariana Enríquez, this thriller takes place in a rural suburb of Buenos Aires where three young, recently graduated women fall in love with a boy their age. The attraction turns to dismay, however, when his eyes fall on a pretty, older woman, causing one of them to recruit his grandmother to cast a spell on the young man who, of course, turns on him. Valeria Bistagnino and Tomás Eloy Muñoz from Mostra Cine, Alejandro Israel from Ajimolido Films and Diego Martínez Ulanosky from Caponeto are producing.

“Mother of the Pigs” (Jennifer van Gessel, Australia)

“If you can’t choose your family, design one,” says the guideline of this sci-fi thriller from below. “Mother of Pigs” turns on talented young scientist Anna, who is developing ways to treat human diseases through genetic modification. After a series of misfortunes in her personal life, she is involved in an accident and ends up in a coma, before waking up to a world where she is forced to suffer the consequences of her controversial work.

“The Story of Monsters” (Juan Pablo Arias Muñoz, United States)

Based on the eponymous short film by Arias in 2019, a participant in Sitges that year, “The Story of the Monsters” is a psychological thriller that mixes elements of horror and drama to tell Evelyn’s story. , who isolates himself in words to survive the monsters that roam the world every night. When the stranger Adam shows up injured in the woods, Evelyn must decide whether to trust the man and invite him in, or her own instinct and leave him outside, safe from being killed by the monsters.

“Tormenta de abril” (Norma Vila, Spain)

The filmmaker specializing in the genre Norma Vila (“Jules D.” “El fin de todas las cosas”) directs and, with Ana Hormaetxea, co-writes this story of Abril, middle-aged and precarious, who lives with Jorge, 20 years old and attractive. The problem with Jorge is that he’s not real, but a figment of Abril’s imagination based on an ex who left her two decades ago. Things take a strange turn when the real Jorge shows up. Alexandre Bass of NewCo Audiovisual and Cristina Urgel and Eva Moreno of Not Alone Productions produce.

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Sitges Pitchbox 2021 Movies
Credit: Filmarket Hub


“Dark Road” (Paul Fitzsimons, Ireland)

Like so many other strong thrillers, “Dark Road” begins with a corpse. When Ryan Watts is found dead in an upscale London neighborhood, journalist Claire Goodwin begins to investigate and quickly feels the locals are hiding something. His suspicions are further heightened when his prime suspect dies shortly after confessing to his murder. Why he confessed turns out to be a bigger mystery than either of the crimes that first caught his attention.

“In your skin” (Tina Steffan, Germany)

A dystopian sci-fi story set in a world where human labor has been replaced by robots, “In Your Skin” takes place amid an enigma of poverty and addiction. Mourning the overdose of her father’s overdose, a talented engineer uses secret technology to swap bodies with her company’s CEO in order to bring her down from within.

“Madriz” (Dani Reina, Iker Aizpuru, Spain)

Set in an alternate Madrid where humans live north of the city and zombies south, this series is both horror and comedy. Unlike the characters in “The Walking Dead”, the two Spanish communities have learned to coexist, with zombies working for humans in exchange for their afterlife. “Madriz” is the story of Ana, a zombie mother who guards the home of a wealthy human family and discovers a secret that threatens the precarious balance within the capital … a cure for the zombie virus.

“Nexus” (Sergio Campo, Spain)

Fernanda Tabarés of Voz Audiovisual produces this sci-fi road movie in which Vega, a wild teenager, is kidnapped and the only person who can save her is her twin sister Esther, using a telepathic connection they have shared since childhood. . Using her gift, Esther recruits two friends to hit the road and reunite with her twin on a trip to the northern coast of Spain.

“Bad teeth” (Sînziana Cojocărescu, Romania, United Kingdom)

Set in 15th-century Eastern Europe, this fantasy horror series tells the story of Mara, a stubborn teenage girl forced into marriage but who is raped and killed on the way to her new life. Fleeing death, Mara returns as an undead ghost, a Strigoi. Historically, the Strigoi – created when powerless figures suffer violent deaths – shed light on the plight of female, gay, Muslim and Roma experiences. Unlike more traditional vampires, Strigoi enjoy a great deal of freedom of action and can choose to be violent or merciful.


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