PEARL OF WISDOM catches the eye at the Austin Comedy Film Festival

PEARL OF WISDOM, a creative development project of an Indian incognito entertainment holding company with growing global fame, and by multi-hyphenated entertainment Marlene Sharp (SONIC BOOM, YO-KAI WATCH, POSTMAN PAT: THE MOVIE ), is the recipient of several 2021 screenplay commendations, including winner status at the recent Austin Comedy Film Festival.

The script for the half-hour animated television series enjoyed a stunning live, stand-up-only reading on May 16 at the Alamo Drafthouse Theater in Austin, Texas. Actors Bara Kim (COMING CLEAN, Upright Citizens Brigade), Chase Yi (WANDAVISION, SWEET HOME, EXTRACURRICULAR), Topaz McGarrigle (SONG TO SONG by Terrence Malik) and Mandy Smith (ESTROGEN FOLLIES, TODAY SHOW) portrays cartoon teenagers who use stand-up comedy and improv as laugh-worthy, unconventional coping mechanisms. Sharp herself has tackled two supporting roles from her offstage perch within the Drafthouse.

On the official website, the judges of the Austin Comedy Film Fest review the runner-up for best TV comedy PEARL OF WISDOM as follows: “PEARL OF WISDOM, written by Marlene Sharp from the United States, has a truly fantastic and original concept that will make any reader laugh out loud.. The characters are all exceptionally well developed and the dialogue is hysterical.The story is relatable and remains intriguing page after page, effectively keeping readers engaged and invested in the plot.

Austin Comedy Film Festival founder/director Mikel Fair explained his history with writer/creator Sharp saying, “Marlene is a veteran superstar at the ACFF and our sister festivals in Houston and Portland. I’m fan!His previous script [BORN IN LA] and her work as a creative producer on the animated TV show SNACK WORLD have been real treats for past festival audiences. It’s great to hear his dialogue spoken up close and personal this year. In our decade-long history, 2021 marks our first staged script reading, and it certainly won’t be our last!”

Actress Bara Kim happily described her experience in voicing main character PEARL for the excited ACFF viewers. “I am forever grateful to Marlene for trusting me to read for her at the ACFF. It was an absolute pleasure; her kindness and hard work are evident in ALL THAT she does. She’s someone I look up to in the industry as a strong woman who leads with grace, humor and humility.”

On the dais in Austin, Marlene Sharp cited three major sources of inspiration for this particular writing project: her own direct encounters with bullies, and the resulting depression and anxiety; her adventures as a stand-up comedian who reverse-engineered annoyances into comedic material for mass consumption; and working with residents of entertainment industry retirement communities and with leaders of young adults on the autism spectrum. These efforts suggest that bullies, anxiety, and depression do not discriminate based on age. With PEARL, Sharp hopes to serve that message in a way akin to administering drugs with sugar, and make the changes accordingly.

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