New trailer for Dumb Troma Horror Comedy Film ‘Big Freaking Rat’

New trailer for Dumb Troma Horror Comedy Film ‘Big Freaking Rat’

by Alex Billington
August 5, 2021
Source: Youtube

“Prepare for the ultimate predator! “ Madman Films has released an official international trailer for Fat creepy rat, a ridiculous horror special from film B Troma by filmmaker Thomas J. Churchill (also B movies Fire of the nation and The Amityville Harvest). This was apparently already released last fall in the US, but we haven’t heard from it until now. So why not take a look ?! Nothing like a gnarled Fat creepy rat to ruin your day. Ha ha. A ranger is about to open a campsite for the season. Everything is in order and the camp appears peaceful until a giant rat, mutated by dumped toxic waste, begins killing the campers and rangers. Movie stars Scott C. Roe, Caleb thomas, Cece kelly, Nino Aldi, Mark Hoadley, and Therese Ireland. It’s one of those movies you have to stay away from, unless you want to laugh at how bad it is…

Here is the new international trailer (+ poster) of Thomas J. Churchill Fat creepy rat, on Youtube:

Large Panicked Rat Poster

Ranger Brody (Scott C. Roe), with the help of his nephew and niece Dylan (Caleb Thomas) and Naomi (Cece Kelly), prepares to open the brand new campground for the season. Everything is in order and the camp seems peaceful until a Big Freaking Rat, mutated by multiple toxic waste spills, starts killing the campers and rangers … Fat creepy rat, which also bears the title Big bad rat, is written and directed by an American genre filmmaker Thomas J. Churchill, director of numerous films including Day of the living dead, Checkpoint, The rack pack, Fire of the nation, Step-father, Amityville Harvest, and Christmas business previously. Produced by Thomas J. Churchill, Steven Louis Goldenberg and Phillip B. Goldfine. This apparently already paved the way for VOD in the United States last year and also debuted in Germany this year. Madman Films Releases Fat creepy rat in Australia this year. Anyone wanna watch?

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