Netflix Medical Police Introduce Who’s Who of American Comedy

Craig Robinson, Jason Schwartzman and Rob Corddry are just a few of the big names joining Medical police stars Rob Huebel and Erinn Hayes in guest roles.

The new Netflix series Medical police promises to bring the irreverent comedy styles of cult comedy Children’s hospital to a wider audience by expanding the world of the long series Adult Swim through the characters played by Erinn Hayes and Rob Huebel.

For the uninitiated, Hayes and Huebel play Lola Adolf Spratt and Owen Maestro. Lola is not only a brilliant doctor, but also a lawyer, a Muslim, a ventriloquist and someone who faked her own death to avoid too many emails. Her former boyfriend Owen is also a doctor and former New York City police officer (where he partnered with Nick Offerman’s character, Briggs). You might know him as the star of this very famous GIF (from Children’s hospital).

Medical police will see these two unlikely partners recruited by the US government to find a cure for a virus threatening civilization. In the process, they will discover a dark conspiracy that will lead them across the world. While this is truly Hayes and Huebel’s series (these are the only two characters to appear in all ten episodes of the series), they are supported both in front and behind the camera by a cast of stars from comedy as we have rarely seen.

Here’s a look at who appears in the show (and where you’ve seen them in the past):

Erinn Hayes

In addition to her Emmy nominated tour Children’s hospital, you may know Hayes from shows like The worst week and Guys with kids, as well as her season as the wife of Kevin James on Kevin can wait, after which she was killed to make way for Leah Remini.

Rob huebel

Better known as Len in Transparent, Huebel has appeared in dozens of TV shows since his comedy troupe Human giant broke through on MTV (his comedy partners were Aziz Ansari and Paul Scheer).

Rob corddry

One of the show’s co-creators, Corddry starred in Ballet flats, Hot tub time machine, and The Unicorn. The old one Daily show correspondent created and played in Children’s hospital like Blake, the Patch Adams– doctor style in clown makeup.

David wain

Medical policeWain’s other co-creator created Hot humid american summer franchise, directing the 2001 film and the two Netflix spinoff series that followed. Fans of MTV’s flagship sketch series Slate will remember him as the “Jew” in the classic sketch of the series “The Jew, the Italian and the Red-haired Gay”.

Sarayu Blue

The 2018 NBC Comedy Star I feel bad, Sarayu Blue appeared in Veep, Two and a half men, The Big Bang Theory and Grey’s Anatomy, although for this project she could channel her experiences from the time she was on NCIS: Los Angeles.

Ken marino

Known for his leading roles in To party, Marry me, Burning love, and Children’s hospital, Marino has appeared in countless TV shows and movies, including Hot humid american summer, Véronique Mars, Reno 911! and Brooklyn nine-nine.

Malin ackerman

Another alum from Children’s Hospital, Ackerman had his big luck in HBO The return. His many film roles include starring alongside Ben Stiller in The broken hearted child, and playing Laurie Jupiter / Silk Specter II in the 2009 Watchmen movie.

Bell Lake

The Bless this mess star played one of the main roles on Children’s hospital and is a regular on the romantic comedy circuit. She also wrote, directed and starred in the acclaimed feature film In a world...

Henri winkler

Between its legendaries Happy Days Emmy-winning role and turn on HBO Barry, Winkler appeared in Children’s hospital as a hospital administrator, ingeniously named “Mittleman”.

Jon hamm

Don Draper himself is no stranger to comedy, after some memorable turns SNL and 30 Rock. It appeared on Children’s hospital as Derrick Children, the namesake and owner of the hospital.

Craig robinson

Best known for his roles in Office and his own series, Mr. Robinson, the comic recently appeared alongside Eddie Murphy in My name is Dolemite.

Jason schwartzman

Former musician and frequent collaborator Wes Anderson’s previous TV projects include HBO Bored to die, Fargo and Mozart in the jungle.

Michel Cera

The Development stopped and Super bad the star appeared in Children’s hospital as the intercom voice of Sal Viscuso (who was named after a similar character in MASH POTATOES).

Joel McHale

The Community and Talk about soup star has appeared on Dial shows for the past two years, including Santa Clarita Diet, X files and The masked singer.

Fred melamed

A favorite of Woody Allen (he appeared in seven Allen films), actor Fred Melamed recently appeared as Steve Carell’s Mitch Kessler agent in The morning show.

Who are you most looking forward to seeing in Medical police? Weigh yourself on our forums.

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