Metrograph organizes a series of films with the Met’s Costume Institute

In America: A Fashion Anthology, the exhibit currently on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute, is only on view for two and a half weeks. (It closes on Labor Day.) Maybe you haven’t seen it yet and are now frantically trying to find a free day on your calendar, or maybe you’ve already seen it. but that you now look forward to seeing it again. Anyway, don’t worry. If you don’t have a chance to see the exhibition, you can at least go to Metrograph from September 2 to see films that will provide you with a similar fashion education.

Title film anthology, this upcoming “uniquely curated series” will be performed both at The Metrograph Theater and virtually through Metrograph at Home. Described as a “living cinematic journey through history that provides insight into the interrelationship between clothing, culture and character”, this “happy encounter between The Met and The Metrograph” will include selections from trending directors and established, including The forty-year-old versionGotham Award winner Radha Blank ZolaJanicza Bravo, nominated for the Spirit Award, lost in translationOscar winner Sofia Coppola daughters of dustJulie Dash, AFI Laureate, The deadOscar winner Martin Scorsese and nomadlandby Oscar-winning actress Chloé Zhao. Met curators Andrew Bolton and Sylvia Yount also made special selections for the series.

And, wow, these special selections are certainly cause for celebration. Classics like Scorsese The age of innocence (which Sofia Coppola describes as “a beautiful description of life in New York at that time”), that of Ousmane Sembene black girl (which Radha Blank praises for its “literal framework for [lead character] the magnificent skin of Diouana”), and that of Jane Campion The portrait of a lady (which, according to Sylvia Yount, “succeeds in capturing the inner life and social agency of women with a sensitivity that continues to resonate”) are just a few of the critically acclaimed films that will be screened.

Speaking of the upcoming series, the programming team at Metrograph said, “In this series, comprised of hand-picked films by some of the greatest filmmakers of our time and spotlighting important works of cinema across the ages, we are introduced to a sample of eras. , places and people. With film anthologywe aspire to show audiences how, in any art form – whether it’s a fashion sticker or a film – it all starts with a story.

“Film is one of the enduring purveyors of American fashion, including the legacy of Golden Age costume designers like Adrian and Edith Head,” added Costume Institute curator Andrew Bolton and Wendy Yu. . “By aligning fashion with American characters and stereotypes, cinema continues to be an extraordinary vehicle through which American style spreads internationally.”

Learn more about film anthology before it opens on September 2 here.

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