Linda Lindas, Muna Star in the new “Music and Film” series by Dr. Martens


Longtime shoe brand Dr. Martens has announced its 2021 model “Dr. Martens Presents: Music & Film Series,” which explores the music communities of New York and Los Angeles through the prism of six emerging filmmakers: Chelsea Odufu , Wes O’Connor, Ali Roberto, Jeanette D. Moses, Ambar Navarro and Fredgy Noël. In partnership with Collide Agency, the six documentary-style short films highlight artists, musicians and fans in their musical scenes. they created.

The confirmed cast for the Dr. Martens Presents: Music & Film 2021 series includes The Linda Lindas, MUNA, Oliver Ackermann (A Place to Bury Strangers), L’Rain, Neon Indian, Inner Wave, LA Witch, Patty Schemel, Avalon Lurks , Backstage Pass, Rebelmatic, DJ AQ, Danie, Doris Muñoz, Edwina Hay, Eli Fola, Exene Cervenka, Harmless, Oveous, Polartropica, Rahel, Joey Labeija, Rett Madison, Saturn Risin9, Selena Ruiz, Thick, Walter Wlodarczyk, Kimberly Drew , Da Killa and Khalif cakes.

The episode descriptions are below:


New York-based filmmaker and visual artist Chelsea Odufu, known for her Tech Africa and Eli Fola parties, captures the energy of this scene and explores the roots of New York’s Afro House scene with musicians Eli Fola and DJ AQ recounted by OVEOUS and featuring L ‘Pluie. Watch the episode here.

“There is an emerging electronic music subculture leading the Afro House scene in New York City with the goal of promoting Afrofuturist ideas,” Odufu said. “Often, blacks have dissociated themselves from house music because they have the impression that it is ‘white’ music. This film as part of the Dr Martens series aims to change that perspective and educate people about the black origins of House music.


Filmmaker Wes O’Connor “feels more comfortable in their weirdness behind the camera,” according to the ad. In this episode, O’Connor set out to find out where this place is for musicians like Muna, Polartropica, Saturn Risin9 and Rett Madison. Watch the episode here:

“I’ve been immersed in the queer music scene in Los Angeles and have documented it since I moved here in 2016,” says O’Connor. “Dr. Martens Presents gave me the opportunity to contextualize this scene, to anchor it in the queer history and geography of LA, and to explore how community and art develop together, while also highlighting light four amazing artists and the spaces that inspire them: MUNA, Polartropica, Rett Madison and Saturn Risin9. “

Later in the series, filmmakers Ambar Navarro, Fredgy Noël, Jeanette D. Moses and Ali Roberto, will highlight a variety of scenes from different genres.

The 2020 series featured NY and LA artists Blimes and Gab, Cautious Clay, duendita, Frankie & The Witch Fingers, Lauren Ruth Ward, NEZ, Orion Sun, The Regrettes, Rosehardt, Stuyedeyed, Sunflower Bean and Tolliver with the filmmakers Ali Roberto (LA) and Gabriel Gomez (NY).


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