Keke Palmer reveals she wants to work in an ‘action-comedy’ movie with Will Smith

Hollywood star Will Smith decides to move on with his career although he still has to live with the ramifications of his only decision on the Oscars stage. The actor is preparing for the release of his next film Emancipation and now actor Keke Palmer has shown interest in taking on a comedy role alongside her. The American actor wants to know if Will Smith is ready to take on the comic roles.

Keke Palmer wants to work with Will Smith

Palmer hosted the annual Time 100 Next gala and pitched ideas for co-stars she’d like to work with on an original studio comedy. She said in a chat with Variety, “I think Adam Sandler and I can work our way up.” She also said, “If Will Smith is ready to go back to doing comedies, I’m ready.” The Nope The star further added that she would like to do some sort of action comedy, “sort of like a random duo that shouldn’t be together but we are together.”

She noted, “Maybe I’m like a know-it-all punk and he kind of shows me the ropes. I’m good for – not a reboot, original but conceptual similarity to Look Who’s Talking. Do you remember the baby talking about movies? I’m ready to be Kirstie Alley. Let’s go!”

Keke Palmer recently starred in Jordan Peele Nope alongside Daniel Kaluuya. She also voiced the character of Izzy Hawthorne in Disney and Pixar’s Lightyear.

On the other hand, months after the Oscars altercation between Will Smith and Chris Rock over the latter’s joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s baldness, the King Richard the actor is busy promoting his highly anticipated upcoming film Emancipation. Smith recently visited the Los Angeles Lakers team as part of the Lakers’ Genius Talks where the Oscar winner received a #14 Lakers jersey.

According to PEOPLE, during the Lakers’ Genius Talks, Smith shed light on “strength through togetherness and practicing gratitude in times of great challenge.” His message would have been inspired by some of the themes of Emancipation. The film had its first screening in Washington, DC on October 1, 2022, ahead of its scheduled release on Apple TV+ on December 9, 2022.

Image: Instagram/@keke, AP

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