January’s Giallo film series heads to more cities for 2022

If you are a regular reader of Nerdist and just recognize my signature, you’ve probably seen me write about the films giallo quite frequently, the Italian mystery-thriller-horror movement that took place from around 1963 to 1990 but had its heyday in the early 1980s. 70s. I love these movies, with their penchant for beautiful people, jet-set places, hell-cool music, and often gory and gnarly sequences. And I am not alone. The giallo maintained a healthy cult fandom through the intervening years, but it has exploded in the last decade. This is in large part thanks to new repertoire restorations and projections by groups such as the January Giallo series from Cinematic Void.

Now, Los Angeles-based Cinematic Void has partnered with other such organizations across the United States to bring January Giallo to more cities than ever.

For 2022, screenings will be held weekly at Los Feliz 3 at the American Cinematheque in Los Angeles, and, in a real twist for movie fans, January Giallo will also be held weekly at the Coolidge Corner Theater with Coolidge After Midnite in Boston, MA, and at the Music Box Theater with Music Box of Horrors in Chicago, IL.

While the full movie list has yet to be released, we have some exciting reveals for you. The Cinémathèque and the Coolidge will screen the lianas cut from the wild film of Dario Argento Phenomena, who sees a young Jennifer Connelly talking to bugs and trying to avoid a black-gloved knife murderer. In order not to be excluded from the Argento game, the music box will screen the new restoration of Vinegar Syndrome from the 1993 Argento film. Trauma, about a murderer who beheads his victims with a garotte machine. (Raw.)

In addition, they will screen a copy in Italian Technicolor 35 mm by Francesco Barilli The Perfume of the Lady in Black with Mimsy Farmer, a staple of Giallo, who made a career out of playing perpetually fragile women. The programmers also promise “signature films by Mario Bava, Sergio Martino and Umberto Lenzi”. My three favorites, you don’t know! (I wrote about Bava here, Martino here and Lenzi here!)

And, for those who won’t be able to attend any of the screenings in person, there will also be a January Giallo virtual edition of Cinematic vacuum all night and the Cinema movie, which will be presented by Severin Films on January 14.

“It’s an honor to expand January Giallo with two of the country’s most beloved and respected cinemas,” said James Branscome, Founder of Cinematic Void. “It was an absolute pleasure working with Mark E. Anastasio of Coolidge and re-teaming with former Cinematheque programmer William Morris at The Music Box to make this happen.”

The Coolidge after Midnite is delighted to be an accomplice of Cinematic Void! A notorious film series that we welcome to the East Coast with bloody, black-gloved, trenchcoat arms, ”adds Mark E. Anastasio, director of special programming at The Coolidge.

William Morris, co-programmer of The Music Box of Horrors adds, “There’s no better way to celebrate the New Year than with a bottle of J&B, a ruthless black-gloved and razor-sharp maniac, a sexy soundtrack and enough style to stop your heart.” Cinematic Void and his ancestor, Jim Branscome, have terrorized the West Coast with January Giallo since 2017. This year the craze is spreading and we here at the Music Box of Horrors couldn’t be more excited to participate in the debauchery.

Cinematic vacuum

The Giallo movies are fun for everyone, so now is a great time to step into this wild and enjoyable subgenre. For more information on the January Giallo series, go to the Cinematic Void website.

Kyle Anderson is the editor of Nerdist. You can find his movie and TV reviews here. Follow him on Twitter!

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