“Introducing Jodea”, starring Chloe Traicos, is a clever, witty comedy

Jeff Coppage and Chloe Traicos in “Introducing Jodea”. Photo courtesy of “Introducing Jodea”

The romantic comedy “Introducing Jodea”, directed by JD Cohen, will be released nationally on June 4. Digital Journal has the scoop.

Jodea Maxwell (played by Chloe Traicos) is a struggling young actress whose life and fortunes change when world-famous director Zac Kawalsky (Jeff Coppage) crashes in the back of her car. He has a week to make the world’s worst actress a star.

Award-winning new comedy from director JD Cohen, Introducing Jodea, kicks off its theatrical season on June 4.

“Introducing Jodea” stars Chloe Traicos (“The Righteous Gemstones”) and Jeff Coppage (“Ava”), and they share some polished and memorable scenes together. Desperate, the actress takes the opportunity to beg the director to play a role in her latest film. Her agent, Grant, makes a bet stating that he can’t get a performance from her, so Zac takes up the challenge.

Will they make it work, and will Zac be able to turn Jodea into the movie star she always aspired to be?

They will face a number of obstacles. Nothing can prepare Jodea for Zac’s ex-wife Isabella and her hostile use of the paparazzi, and her agent’s determination to separate them.

Kent Hatch and Ryan Pratton also co-star in this film, which was written by Chloe Traicos. The cast is sensational as a whole, and the movie “Introducing Jodea” is quite clever, witty, and entertaining from an acting and writing standpoint. It gets four out of five stars. Good game.

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