Hitchcock Film Series at the Grange with Wilton Trackside

As we begin to live our lives again, the Cannon Grange and Wilton Trackside are sponsoring a series of Hitchcock films at the Grange, spanning four Saturday evenings from April to July, featuring films directed by the world-renowned director Alfred Hitchcock, universally recognized as the master of cinematic suspense.

Hitchcock has directed more than 50 feature films, earning 46 Oscar nominations, including six for Best Director. Four of his films are ranked among the greatest of all time: Vertigo, north by northwest rear window and Psycho. Hitchcock’s cinema often uses the camera to imitate a person’s gaze; the viewer then becomes a voyeur. His techniques are often employed to frame shots to induce anxiety and fear.

During each evening of the film series, attendees, accompanied by pizza, popcorn and drink, will watch a classic Hitchcock film, then engage in discussion and learn why the evening’s film is worth watching. and his praise.

A description of the film shown on each date follows (see if you can guess the name of the film):

April 2 – Vacationing Morocco, an American doctor and his singing star wife, are mired in murder as they try to save their kidnapped son.

May 7 – A wheelchair-bound photographer spies on Greenwich Village neighbors from his window and is convinced one of them has committed murder.

June 18 – A former police detective struggles with vertigo and becomes obsessed with the seemingly disturbed beautiful woman he is following.

July 16 – Secretary embezzles employer money and checks into remote Bates motel run by young man and overbearing mother (adult content; audience recommendation: 16+)

Tickets for individual evenings and for the series can be purchased at www.cannongrange.org, www.trackside.org or here.

The film series represents the first known collaboration between Trackside and the Grange, a Wilton gem of an organization formed in 1899, to provide community service, fellowship and family activities to its members, while promoting agriculture. , gardening and healthy eating. One of the Grange’s main sources of pride is the annual agricultural fair held in the famous Grange Hall, built in 1899 and in the grounds surrounding the historic building. The fair is a warm reminder of Wilton’s rural past and presents the community with an authentic agricultural fair for the enjoyment of children and families.

Trackside’s mission is “Promoting healthy and age-appropriate development of adolescents and preadolescents in Wilton by providing an environment designed to develop positive social skills and social skills, foster moral development and enhance self-esteem. All inquiries regarding

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