“HEIDI” Closes App Theater Free Family Movie Series; Beloved Shirley Temple 1937 Classic Set for Saturday August 27th

Residents and visitors to the High Country will travel to the Alpine region of Switzerland, commonly referred to as the Swiss Alps, for the screening of “Heidi,the latest offering in the free family movie series at the Appalachian Theater in downtown Boone, NC. The film was released less than a year before the theater opened in 1938.

Through generous sponsorship from Allen Wealth Management, “Heidi” is offered free to the general public at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, August 27, 2022. It is the sixth classic of family cinema presented during the summer months. The film lasts one hour and fifteen minutes.

The free screening begins at 10 a.m. and is followed by a tour of the newly renovated and restored 1938 vaudeville theater and cinema. Please note that participants under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Family-friendly concessions will be available for purchase, including popcorn, candy, bottled water, and soft drinks, among others. Free popcorn is provided by Magic Bound Travel to members of the public who stop by their information table in the lobby.

“Our first series of Saturday home movies exceeded every metric we set for success,” said Keith Martin, chairman of the board. “No less than 235 moviegoers gathered at the App Theater to experience these movie classics exactly as they were meant to be seen: on a big movie screen in a real theater with family and friends.”

Martin noted the surprising fact that there are more grandparents bringing their grandchildren to screenings than parents attending with their own children. “Many of our older customers have been overheard telling their ‘big ones’ that they brought their mom or dad to this same movie when they were young, including more than one who did it right here at the Theater of Appalachia,” Martin said. “It’s been at least three generations… and it continues!

“Heidi” is a 1937 American musical drama film directed by Allan Dwan and written by Julien Josephson and Walter Ferris, loosely based on the 1881 children’s book of the same name by Johanna Spyri. The film stars Shirley Temple as the titular orphan, who is taken from her grandfather to live as the companion of spoiled girl Klara. It was a huge hit, and Temple had its third straight year as a number one box office hit.

Adelheid, known as Heidi (Shirley Temple), is an eight-year-old Swiss orphan, who is given by her aunt Dete (Mady Christians) to her mountain hermit grandfather, Adolph (Jean Hersholt). While Adolph initially behaves coldly to her, her cheerful nature warms him up and sees him open up to the nearby town.

Heidi is then robbed by her aunt to live in the wealthy Sesemann house in Frankfurt am Main. She becomes the companion of Klara (Marcia Mae Jones), a handicapped young girl protected in a wheelchair who is constantly watched by the strict Fräulein Rottenmeier (Mary Nash). Heidi is unhappy but makes the best of the situation, still wanting her grandfather.

When Klara’s body and mind recover under Heidi’s cheerful company, Rottenmeier (who tried to keep Klara dependent on her) tries to get rid of Heidi by selling her to the gypsies, but she is stopped by the police. Heidi is rescued and reunited with her grandfather.

Temple made another film in 1937, “Little Willie Winkie.” The child actress was getting older and the studio was wondering how much longer she could continue playing “cute” roles when Heidi” was filmed, but it retained its number one draw position. Contemporary reviews were generally positive, and the film was a huge box office success. For the complete schedule of performances and all upcoming events, please visit the Théâtre des Appalaches website at www.apptheatre.org.

Courtesy of Théâtre des Appalaches.

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