Five reasons to look forward to the next murder mystery comedy film in Réunion

The film industry may have been slowed down by the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic last year, but things are starting to fall back into place. Upcoming film releases are again announced regularly, while successful film premieres have once again performed in person. A glimmer of hope in the midst of the tumultuous year we have all lived through. This sense of hope was also recently expressed by award-winning director Bong Joon Ho in a statement he made at a press conference for the kick-off of the 2021 Venice Film Festival, of which he is also the president of the jury. He expressed that, “As a filmmaker, I do not believe that the history of cinema and cinema can end so easily. Then COVID will pass and the cinema will continue.“Listen! Listen! A recent movie announcement comes in the form of the upcoming murder crime comedy titled, Meeting. Viewers who got stuck at home and experienced reduced mobility last year now crave good entertainment. It’s time for people to be rewarded with more quality movies and innovative storylines.

Here are five reasons why viewers may start to get excited about Meeting:

5. A beloved genre that should arouse a whole host of emotions

The murder mystery genre has proven to attract a solid fan base over the years. Pair that with the right amount of comedic timing, and you’ve got a blockbuster in the making. Take, for example, Adam Sandler’s hit Netflix movie, aptly named, Murder Mystery, which broke records and is also set to have its own sequel. The classic thriller plot never seems to go out of fashion. This time, Meeting, is considering diving in similar waters. So far, the film has put the right elements in place. A solid cast, an interesting plot and a skilled team behind the scenes. Hopefully we have another movie that makes the “watch a good feeling” or “come home after a long day” list.

4. A cast of stars who will take on interesting roles

The talented ensemble is made up of a bunch of well-known names and longtime fan favorites whose return to the screen is sure to be highly anticipated. Confirmed actors include Chace Crawford (Gossip Girl), Nina Dobrev (The vampire diary), Jamie Chung (Lovecraft Country), Jillian Bell (SuperMansion), Michael Hitchcock (Black monday), Billy Magnussen (In the woods) and Lil Rey Howery (free guy). The specific roles they will play are still open for now, but the premise will certainly involve a trip down memory lane. It has been a while since some of the stars were last seen on the big screen. This reunion of sorts is something to look forward to.

3. Four words. Lots of familiar eye candy

Knowing who the established cast members are causes a feeling of nostalgia. Some of the actors were young idols of their generation, and others even starred in hit TV series that spanned a good number of seasons, like Chace Crawford and Nina Dobrev. Seeing the cast members older than they were when they first made waves in the industry, and watching them take on new characters is a real treat for their fans, who have been with them ever since. very beginning.

2. The scenario provides for keeping viewers on the edge of their seats

The film follows a group of people invited to their high school reunion. What was supposed to be a typical gathering of embarrassing sightings and unexpected catch-ups escalated when a murder takes place. To top it off, a snowstorm hits the area and the group of former classmates find themselves trapped in an isolated mansion. Are the people you practically grew up with still the same? What kinds of secrets are they hiding in their closets? These are just a few of the questions that will be explored. It’s time to put these fan-made theories to the test again.

1. The possibilities are endless

The next film is currently about to begin production in Los Angeles. It will be directed by Chris Nelson (The perfect date), and written by Willie Block (Bad vibes) and Jake Emanuel (The edge of sleep). Apart from its premiere, the promotional material the cast will be making will be quite exciting. Nina Dobrev took to Instagram recently to express her enthusiasm for the project. Even though official news on the film is still limited at this time, it already shows great promise. We are hopeful and fingers crossed!

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