Eric Nelsen Talks Comedy Film ‘1 Night in San Diego’ (Includes Interview)

Emmy-winning actor Eric Nelsen. Photo by Eduardo Whaite.

“It’s crazy because we filmed this in January 2019 in San Diego. It’s been a few years,” he said of 1 Night in San Diego. “Also, the fact that they made a deal with Hulu is really cool. It was a fun, female-led comedy from Laura Ashley Samuels and Jenna Ushkowitz. It was a pleasure to work with these girls.

Nelsen noted that his character, Gordo, in 1 Night in San Diego was “really there”. “Gordo is on another planet, almost,” he said. “I read the script and I knew it would be so much fun to play it. I was doing more serious roles at the time, so the opportunity to do comedy was different. I was really excited, everyone everyone was really cool and fun.

“Penelope Lawson, the director, was so cool and so easy to work with. She gave me the freedom to bring whatever I wanted to the table for my character, he added.

1 Night in San Diego earned a favorable review from Digital Journal.

Viewers can also catch Nelsen in the sixth season of the hit digital drama series. The Baycreated by Gregori J. Martin on Pop star! TV.

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Emmy-winning actor Eric Nelsen

Photo by Eduardo Whaite

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