‘Eddie Murphy’ from Haitian-American Comedy on Amazon Prime Video


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With more than 36.5 million views on his YouTube channel, Haitian-American comedian, content king, influencer and pioneer, Joseph “Se Joe” Ducasse, nicknamed the “Eddie Murphy” of Haitian-American comedy, has now gained his worldwide fame, critically acclaimed talent at Amazon Prime Video.

Se Joe’s # 1 comedy special – “Nou Chaje ak Pwoblèm” (Haitian Creole), meaning “We have a lot of problems” – is now available on the Amazon platform.

“Nou Chaje ak Pwoblèm” is an hour-long comedy performance, written and produced by Se Joe, according to Yanatha Desouvre, a Haitian-born publicist and director based in Miami.

“It is rooted in Haitian folk traditions which emphasize the politics of Haiti and America, the importance of language and the contradictions of religion,” he said.

Born in Brooklyn but raised in Haiti, Desouvre said Se Joe experienced a presidential coup, an embargo and a US military invasion and occupation.

“Because of this, he learned to hunt and garden, sometimes spending weeks without electricity, water or food,” he said.

Comedian Se Joe. Philippe-Daniel Ducasse

Desouvre said Se Joe attended a Catholic boys’ school and played football in the Caribbean.

On one of his first trips to New York, Desouvre said Se Joe asked his mother, “Why was there so much food going around?”

She replied, “Baby, Americans don’t eat pigeons,” Desouvre said.

In the wake of his own “Coming to America” journey, SeJoe ventured to South Florida, where he eventually studied biology, chemistry and French at Florida State University, Desouvre said.

He said SeJoe started posting videos online in 2009 “in an effort to face his decision to reject medical school.

“Today, this channel has over 36.5 million views on YouTube and Sejoe has generated over 250,000 (one thousand) social media subscribers,” Desouvre said. “He had the opportunity to travel around the world performing stand up comedies.”

Desouvre said SeJoe is trilingual: fluent in English, Haitian Creole, and French.

“His relatable comedy will have you laughing no matter what language you speak or what part of the world you live in,” he said.

To learn more about Se Joe’s ‘laugh out loud’ and unforgettable comedy, visit and subscribe to his YouTube channel.


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