Dr. Martens Music and Film Series Highlights LA and New York Scenes – Billboard

Dr Martens has announced new episodes of the Dr. Martens Presents: Music & Film series, which will reach out to local music communities in Los Angeles and New York City by showcasing artists, musicians and super fans in the spaces they have helped to create. The six-part documentary-style short series will be narrated by six different young filmmakers: Chelsea Odufu, Wes O’Connor, Ali Roberto, Jeanette D. Moses, Ambar Navarro and Fredgy Noël.

The series, presented by the shoe brand, will feature appearances by emerging local artists in both cities, including The Linda Lindas, MUNA, Oliver Ackermann (A Place to Bury Strangers), L’Rain, Neon Indian, Inner Wave, LA Witch and others.

The First episode comes from the eye of New York-based filmmaker and visual artist Chelsea Odufu, who is best known for her Tech Africa parties hosted with musician Eli Fola. Odufu and Fola are co-founders of Tech Afrique, an electronic and Afro-futurist music label. Their celebrations aim to bridge the gap between contemporary house and the traditional African sounds that have formed the foundation of the genre. The short aims to position black joy as a form of resistance as artists strive to reclaim space for people of color in electronic music.

The second episode in the series comes from filmmaker Wes O’Connor, who explores the intersectional subjects of queerness and music through the queer music scenes of Los Angeles. Their episode features appearances by musicians and bands like MUNA, Polartropica, Saturn Risin9 and Rett Madison, who discuss their special relationships with local LA music scenes.

Check out the full series teaser below.

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