Does Spider-Man: No Way Home End Tom Holland’s Film Series? This is what the actor says

Five years ago, Tom Holland joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe to play Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, and he’s appeared in as many films since then. Well, for now, like this December Spider-Man: No Path Home will mark his sixth appearance as a Web-Slinger, and judging by the reports and the trio’s trailer, there’s a lot of excitement in store, even at the Spider-Man movie level. But at a time when many movie series end after a trilogy, could this mark the end of the MCU’s Spider-Man movie series? According to the actor, the shooting No way home certainly felt like the end of an era.

In a recent interview, Tom Holland described Spider-Man: No Path Home as a “conclusion” to his Spider-Man trilogy, specifically summing up the narrative he and Jon Watts started in Spider-Man: Homecoming. The actor then said the following to GE:

We all treated [No Way Home] like the end of a franchise, let’s say. I think if we had the chance to dive into these characters again, you would see a very different version. It wouldn’t be the Homecoming trilogy anymore. We would give it time and try to build something different and change the tone of the films. Whether or not that happens, I don’t know. But we were definitely dealing [No Way Home] like it was coming to an end, and I felt like it.

So while Tom Holland doesn’t rule out the possibility that he could return as Spider-Man in the MCU (and if a fall 2019 report is correct, he is expected to appear in a separate Marvel Studios film at one point), it really looks like the current state of affairs, Spider-Man: No Path Home will conclude the story that began in 2017, just a year after this Spidey debuted in Captain America: Civil War. That’s not to say there couldn’t be more Spider-Man movies to follow, but Holland has made it clear that No way home will feel like a chapter is coming to an end.

Since the MCU has extended the respective Thor and Captain America film series beyond the traditional trilogy (although Captain america 4 will star Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson rather than Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers), it wouldn’t be surprising if Spider-Man followed suit. And while I’m not sharing any spoilers here, let’s just say that something big happened in a recent superhero movie indicating that Tom Holland’s time as Spider-Man doesn’t end anytime soon. . Having said that, Holland also mentioned that he particularly felt this “finality” of the shoot. Spider-Man: No Path Home during one of his last days on set, filming a scene with Zendaya and Jacob Batalon, which made all three of them emotional. In the words of the actor:

We’ve been making these films for five years now. The three of us had such an amazing relationship. We have been together every step of the way. We did every movie, every press tour. So this scene, [we didn’t know] if it was the last time [we were all working together.] [It] was heartbreaking but also really exciting because we are all entering the next chapter of our careers. So sharing that moment with them was maybe the best day I have ever had on set. I don’t think I ever cried like this.

Supposing Spider-Man: No Path Home won’t be Tom Holland’s last Spider-Man solo movie, his quote above makes it seem like this might be the last time we see this Peter Parker with MJ and Ned. So with Spider-Man: Homecoming, Spider-Man: Far From Home and Spider-Man: No Path Home having followed Peter to high school, maybe a hypothetical Spider-Man 4, and by extension a new Spider Man trilogy, would see him web-sling while in college. After all, it wasn’t until several years after his comic book debut that Peter graduated from high school and enrolled in Empire State University, and we also watched Tobey Maguire’s Peter navigate through. that university life two decades ago.

If more Spider-Man movies directed by Tom Holland are indeed planned after Spider-Man: No Path Home remains to be seen, although Jon Watts will be next to lead the The Fantastic Four reboot, a new director would almost certainly have to be recruited to tackle such films. For now, moviegoers can expect No way home hits theaters on December 17th, and we’ll keep you posted on all of the major Spidey cinematic updates as they arrive.

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