David Hasselhoff will star in the comedy film “It’s Magic!” : Cannes – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: David HasselhofF (Baywatch) should star in an English comedy It’s magic (it’s magic!), which is launched as the first film from new production company South Pointe Pictures during the Cannes film festival and market.

Hasselhoff will star in the film with South Pointe’s Larry Cech. French filmmaker Nicolas Benamou, director of French box office success Baby sitting and Childcare II, is set to direct. Benamou’s last film, Are you, are you Saint Tropezwith Benoit Poelvoorde and Christian Clavier, is due out this month.

It is magic will tell the story of two French magicians who accidentally qualified to participate in the world’s biggest magic contest in Las Vegas. The film is based on real events during Cech’s time in Las Vegas working on big magic shows. The story was written by Benamou – who is making his debut in English – and Cech.

According to Benamou, the story is a mixture of The hangover and Little Miss Sun. He said, “Las Vegas has always featured the best magicians of our time and I’m going to show you the worst ever! You will love them! This project brings together two worlds that have always been dear to me: comedy and magic. Shooting a movie in the USA has always been a childhood dream for me. This project is the most exciting of all I’ve done so far, it’s magic!

Cech added, “I’m thrilled to launch South Pointe Pictures in Cannes with It is magic, a fresh take on a confidence genre, with such incredible talent on board. This is the first of many characteristics of works that are commercially viable, with an integrated global audience, that remain true to their artistic integrity. After spending so much time in France, I got to know the most amazing people, hear their stories, and understand the culture and their love of life. My goal with the company is to bring a fresh look to these universal themes and hopefully bring the distance between France and the United States a little closer.

Actor-producer South Pointe Pictures de Cech aims to shoot the film in Paris and Las Vegas later this year.

Hasselhoff is replaced by ICM.

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