Dallas star Patrick Duffy in Ireland to film a series about his ancestry

One of the most recognizable television actors of the 1980s is in Ireland this week filming a new show with his partner for American audiences.

S actor Patrick Duffy, who played Bobby Ewing on the hit series dallasand his partner Linda Purl – who played Fonzie Ashley’s girlfriend in Happy Days – are here to trace Duffy’s Irish roots.

As part of their trip, the couple will film the pilot episode of a new TV series which will air in the United States next year.

The series Find Ireland will highlight Ireland’s rich culture and spectacular scenery.

The series is supported by Tourism Ireland and Fáilte Ireland and aims to encourage the Irish diaspora public in the United States to plan their own holidays to Ireland and discover their heritage.

Viewers will see Duffy and Purl visit Dublin, Cork and Mayo. The couple will film in various locations, including Kilmovee in County Mayo, where Duffy’s ancestors are from.

The two actors will also share photos from their time in Ireland, including a recent visit to O’Donoghue’s Pub in Dublin.

Tourism Ireland’s central marketing manager Mark Henry said the filming of Find Ireland with Duffy and Purl will be a “great way to showcase Ireland”.

“Advertising and shows like this are a key part of Tourism Ireland’s activity program, to encourage travelers from all over the world to put the island of Ireland on their holiday wish list,” it said. -he declares.

“Our goal is to encourage the diaspora in the United States to follow in the footsteps of Patrick and Linda and return to Ireland to find their roots – and to show the wonder of a visit to Ireland to other Americans, whether whether they have Irish DNA in them or not.”

Duffy played a leading role in dallas from 1978 to 1991, when the show became a worldwide hit and captivated Irish audiences.

In addition to his recurring role in Happy DaysPurl has featured in many successful series including The Waltons, murder, she wrote and more recently the American version of Office.

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