Culture storyteller film series returns to PBS

Season five of “Stories from the Stage” – a series that gets viewers thinking about a range of life situations – is now airing on the Global Channel.

“Second Chance,” the first episode of the new season, premiered on January 10. Three tales focused on caring for elderly parents, caring for an injured bird, and mending family relationships. Each topic has unexpected twists that lead to new beginnings.

“Many of these storytellers have come to the United States from distant lands, proving that despite our differences, we are bound together by our common humanity and our experiences of love, family, struggles and triumphs,” said Patricia Alvarado Núñez, series co-creator and co-executive producer at GBH in Boston.

The series airs in the DC metro area on WETA-TV.

World Channel is produced by GBH, Boston’s public media, in partnership with WNET, New York’s public media. American Public Television (APT) distributes the channel’s programming. This fifth season of “Stories from the Stage” gives voice to creatives across the country through films produced by Houston Public Media.

Upcoming films in the series include “For the Greater Good,” which airs Jan. 17 in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Three storytellers are featured who are making a difference in the world. Mariama White-Hammond gets dirty for a cause, Adam Stumacher volunteers as a human shield in the West Bank to find the other side of the checkpoint, and Ronald Smith champions interracial marriage.

“Stay the Course,” which debuts Jan. 24, spotlights three people whose commitment to a cause is changing their lives forever. The January 31 premiere of “Off the Press” is the story of three people who prove that events, which don’t make the headlines, can still have a lasting impact. “As Good As It Gets, on February 7, features people remembering times when they used imagination and initiative to make the most of the unexpected.

Previous episodes of the series are available on the World Channel website ( Click here to see the “For the Greater Good” trailer.


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