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The opening of the film flew away in a blur of colors and music. It was something about salsa.

I had mowed the lawn all afternoon. I took a shower and crawled into bed to take a nap. I turned on the TV and searched Prime and saw a colored picture in the list of comedies. I started watching. The opening of the film flew away in a blur of colors and music. It was something about salsa. Soon I started seeing the production stars I had missed in the opening blast of the move. Once I saw Chris O’Dowd and Ian McShane I was hooked. Soon I put the movie on hold and went to get my wife, Peggy. She joined me in bed, I redid the video at the beginning and we laughed and cuddled throughout the video. Cuban Fury is not for everyone, but if you like to laugh and howl. . . and enjoy the music and dancing, this movie is a must.

What is Cuban Fury about? Make your dreams come true. . . “Beneath the unconfident and overweight exterior of Bruce Garrett, the passionate heart of a salsa king slumbers. Now, a woman is about to reignite her Latin fire.

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A woman is about to reignite Bruce’s Latin fire.

1987: A 13-year-old born dancer with fire in his heels and snakes in his hips prepares to explode into all of the UK Junior Salsa Championships. But then: a bizarre incident of bullying on the mean streets of London robs him of his confidence, and our young hero finds his life diverted down a very different path. And so 22 years later, adult Bruce Garrett (Nick Frost) finds himself out of shape and unloved – trapped in a downward spiral of self-pity, repression and Nando withdrawals. Only Julia (Rashida Jones), her smart, funny and gorgeous new American boss, gives her a reason to live. But she’s untouchable – out of his league, he imagines, with her perfect smile and her perfect life. However, unbeknownst to Bruce, Julia has her own issues. Luckily for him, she also has a secret passion: salsa! Then there’s Drew (Chris O’Dowd), her alpha male colleague and horny monkey-king from the office. While Drew makes no secret of his desire to get (his words) “everything inside Julia”, Bruce is compelled to act. And so, Bruce is again confronted with the darkest and most powerful of his inner demons. Somehow, and with plenty of help from his loyal sister Sam (Olivia Colman), Bruce must learn to unleash his dancing beast, regain his long-lost fury, and reclaim the love of his life. … and he will do everything On the dance floor…

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Here is the official trailer for Cuban Fury –

My favorite scene is the dance between Bruce and Drew. It was wild and hilarious. . . and worth the price of admission.

Olivia Colman as Bruce’s sister and award-winning partner, was excellent throughout.

Kayvan Novak as salsa lover Bejan was so helpful (shave your chest) and lovely. He gave Bruce suggestions and help. He even offered to share his homemade Fanta! (Ugh!)

Chris O’Dowd as the lying, cheating and obnoxious Lothario Drew, was a constant opposition to Bruce who also helped Bruce achieve what he wanted and deserved. Bruce had to overcome the wickedness of Drew who also represented the young people who ruined the young brother and sister dance champions.

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IMDB Trivia – “In the scene, Bruce (Nick Frost) and Drew (Chris O’Dowd) were dancing in the parking lot, a car beeps to pass, and in the car is Frost’s frequent co-star Simon Pegg. -star of Spaced (1999), the Cornetto and Paul trilogy (2011) (among others), and O’Dowd’s of How to Lose Friends & Alienate People (2008).

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There were plenty of 15-year-olds at the movies who laughed throughout and will no doubt repeat the foul language and school toilet humor on Monday, but I saw no adults doing more than laugh.

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7/10 – “A date movie that men can enjoy.”

It is essential that others believe in you and work with you.

mockfilm reviewsJanuary 24, 2016
“I’m not normally the kind of man who would sit down to watch a movie about dancing (unless, of course, I had carte blanche to ridicule said movie to my better half), but I had a hunch on the Salsa Comedy Cuban Fury (2014) With a cast consisting of some of the best boys across the pond, Nick Frost (Shaun of the Dead 2004), Chris O’Dowd (Bridesmaids 2011) and the always fascinating Ian McShane (Deadwood) Drop the lovable Rashida Jones (Parks and Recreation) and you’ve got a really solid cast who master comedic timing I first came across this film a few months ago watching trailers one afternoon on my computer. It looked funny, I never heard of it again, then it appeared on Netflix Streaming. A boring afternoon, my best girl and I sat down to take a look and had a great time with it.

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I really think most people, if they know what your goals are and how hard you work to achieve them, are willing to help you. It is essential that others believe in you and work with you. This movie could have been shortened and had a few more laughs, but a lot of the joy would have died with it.

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