Comedy film producer plans drama about battle of shock troops in Valfajr 8

TEHRAN – Ebrahim Amerian, the producer of the comedy films “Dynamite”, “Texas” and “Coconut”, is considering his new project which will describe a true story about a team of Iranian shock troops who served at the start of Operation Valfajr 8.

The film titled “Arvand Conquerors” was written by Farhad Fadakar, who will also direct it as his first film, Amerian told the MNA’s Persian service on Friday.

The film will focus on the 410th Khatam al-Anbia squad led by Ahmad Amini who was killed just after commanding the squad to cross the Arvand River at the start of the operation.

The team was from the 41st Sarallah Division of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps commanded by Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani during the Iran-Iraq War of 1980-1988.

“This scenario is a different work on the martyr Hajji Ahmad Amini who had very beautiful characteristics and who had been selected by the martyr Hajji Qassem Soleimani as commander of the diving team.”

He said his team are looking for actors who look like the characters in the film. He also announced his intention to negotiate with Payman Maadi or Navid Mohammadzadeh to play the role of Amini in this project.

He said more than 70 percent of the project will be shot underwater, so his crew must import some necessary equipment from overseas.

His team needs five months to complete filming of the project, which will be shot in Kerman, Bandar Abbas, Abadan and Tehran.

Amerian noted that the project will be produced entirely by the private sector and that it will never accept government support.

Amini was a close friend of General Soleimani. He joined the Iranian volunteers at the start of the war. He has displayed great valor and skill on the battlefield in several operations, and each has suffered serious injuries.

Because of his great value in the conduct of operations, he was the topic of conversation for troops on the Iranian fronts. Therefore, General Soleimani chose him as the commander of the 410th Khatam al-Anbia squad of his division.

Operation Valfajr 8 was launched by Iran on February 9, 1986. It was a sophisticated and carefully planned amphibious assault across the Arvand River against Iraqi troops defending the strategic al-Faw peninsula, which connects Iraq to the Persian Gulf.

Iran defeated Iraqi defenders, primarily the Iraqi People’s Army, capturing the tip of the peninsula, including the main Iraqi air control and warning center covering the Persian Gulf, while restricting access from the Iraq to the ocean.

Iran managed to maintain its position in Al-Faw against several Iraqi counteroffensives, including Republican Guard assaults and chemical attacks, for another month despite heavy casualties until a stalemate was reached. reached.

The operation was the first part of the first battle of al-Faw which took place on the al-Faw peninsula between February 10 and March 10, 1986.

The operation is considered one of Iran’s greatest achievements in the war. The Iranians succeeded in seizing the al-Faw peninsula, thus cutting off Iraqi access to the Persian Gulf. The Faw Peninsula was then recaptured by Iraqi forces towards the end of the war through the massive and illegal use of chemical weapons.

Photo: This file photo shows Ahmad Amini, the commander of the IRGC’s 410th Khatam al-Anbia squad.


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