Changjin’s film series tops Chinese box office

With soaring ticket revenue for “The Battle of Changjin Lake II” since its release on February 1, or Spring Festival, “The Battle of Changjin Lake” movies have become China’s highest-grossing film series. , replacing the “Chinatown Detective” franchise. .

“The Battle of Changjin Lake II, a sequel to the 2021 war blockbuster “The Battle of Changjin Lake,” topped 3 billion yuan (about $471.72 million) in total revenue as of Thursday the 14th, to cross cap in China box office history, showed data by movie data platforms.

This achievement, in addition to the first film‘s 5.77 billion yuan, brings the combined total of the two “Changjin” films to 8.77 billion yuan. It is higher than the 8.74 billion yuan generated by Wanda Pictures’ three “Detective Chinatown” comedies.

Set during the War of Resisting U.S. Aggression and Aiding Korea (1950-1953), “The Battle of Changjin Lake” tells the story of Chinese People’s Volunteers (CPV) bravely fighting in freezing weather during from a vital countryside to Changjin Lake, also known as Chosin Reservoir.

Its sequel (whose Chinese title also roughly translates to “Watergate Bridge”) sees actors Wu Jing and Jackson Yee reprise the lead roles. It follows CPV soldiers from the same company as they take on a new task. And this time, their battlefield is a crucial bridge on the retreat route of American troops.

The week-long Spring Festival holiday, which ended on Feb. 6, is usually a lucrative movie season in China. The Chinese box office total for this year’s holiday was 6 billion yuan, the second highest ever for the same holiday. “The Battle of Changjin Lake II” topped the holiday sales chart, contributing more than 40% of the total.

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