Brazilian American comedy web series Brazzy Jazzy gears up to debut

NEW YORK, June 21, 2019 / PRNewswire / – Blue Carioca Entertainment today announced the launch of its IndieGoGo campaign to support the release of its latest web series, ‘Brazzy Jazzy‘. The creators of this new web series are set to release the full Season 1 and finalize fundraising for their multiplatform marketing effort. The IndieGoGo campaign has been launched June 18 and will include the release of the pilot episode. The remaining 12 episodes will launch on July 7e. IndieGogoLink

Brazzy Jazzy focuses on the experiences of a well-educated, middle-class Brazilian girl trying to be successful in the fashion world in New York City. It’s a tale of fish out of the water with the pursuit of the American dream as a backdrop. Brazzy Jazzy is full of cultural clashes, absurd situations, and a fiery group of female outsiders. The show stars the Brazilian Tatyane Meyer who is best known for her roles in various Brazilian Tela-Novelas. His full filmography is available on: Tatyane Meyer’s website

The creator of the series Steve becker said, “I wanted to show the passion that Brazilians bring to life in New York City as well as the challenges faced by all, especially immigrants, who are striving for the American Dream. Having lived in Rio for 6 years and married a Brazilian, I like to think I have a glimpse of the Brazilian American experience ”. Becker went on to say, “Surprisingly, there are no shows about Brazilian-American life on television or how their culture differs greatly from the more media-saturated Hispanic way of life. “That’s until now!” Its production company, Blue Carioca, has offices in both New York City and Rio de Janeiro

In addition to the fundraising efforts, a social media contest was launched to generate buzz for the series launch. The winner will be given a speaker role in Season 2 of Brazzy Jazzy. For more details: Brazzy Jazzy Instagram

IndieGoGo campaign hopes to increase $ 25,000 for digital, radio, Internet and TV promotion as well as pre-production funds for Season 2. The hope is that the series will be picked up by a streaming service such as Netflix, Amazon or Apple. For more information on Brazzy Jazzy, including the press kit, please visit

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