Biggest Names In Music, Comedy, Film And Law Recall Challenges Of Stuttering And Pathways To Success At American Institute For Stuttering’s 15th Annual “Freeing Voices, Changing Lives” Gala

Simon, Brady, Stossel and lawyer Eric R. Dinallo are among the public figures discussing their personal experiences with stuttering at the American Institute for Stuttering’s 15e annual “Freeing voices, changing lives“Celebration. The King’s Speech Writer David Seidler will also share his take on how King George VI worked with the first speech therapists to deal with her stuttering.

The gala raises funds to provide free or discounted speech therapy to eligible children and adults across the country.

“Stuttering is a neurological disease which, if not treated properly, can negatively affect a person’s self-esteem, education, social interactions, and career advancement,” said Dr. Heather grossman, clinical director of AIS. “Over its 33 year history, AIS has developed effective techniques and strategies to free the voices of people who stutter, allowing them to develop self-confidence and coping strategies for a lifetime. helped over 10,000 children and adults find their voice. “

For Simon, AIS board member, the strategy was to focus on music.

“When I was little, I had a stutter,” says Simon. “The only time he left was when I sang. One day my mother said to me, ‘don’t speak it, sing it’. And that’s what I did. ”

Brady found his way through improvisational music and comedy.

“My stuttering produced a lot of shame and anxiety when I tried to communicate,” Brady recalls during the virtual conference. Freeing voices gala. “I had words stuck in the back of my throat that I just couldn’t get out. Being able to put a melody on words is one of the tools I use to be able to manage my stuttering. AIS has therapies. that give people the ability to free their words. For people who stutter, that freedom means everything. ”

” Of the King George VI to President Biden, stuttering affects people from all walks of life, in all communities, ”said Dinallo, president of the insurance regulatory practice of Debevoise & Plimpton LLP and chairman of the board of directors of AIS. “And as our featured guests have pointed out, stuttering affects people differently. , and the ability to cope with your stuttering often takes years to complete. Many children who stutter are bullied, and adults who stutter often face economic, social and emotional hardships. Fortunately, AIS can provide families and adults with tools to manage stuttering and provide a path to the future. We are grateful for bringing this illustrious group together to openly discuss their struggles, coping mechanisms and ultimate victories. ”

Resources and information on stuttering are available on the AIS website:

About AIS
The American Institute for Stuttering is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization whose primary mission is to provide universally affordable specialty speech therapy to people of all ages who stutter and their families. Its mission extends to the professional training of speech therapists and the improvement of public and professional understanding of stuttering. AIS has offices in Atlanta, Minneapolis and New York.

SOURCE American Institute for Stuttering

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