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By Solmarie Santiago

Beverly Bonner remains a genius in one of her last productions “Casey 30 Years Later”.

Writer, actor and producer, Beverly Bonner has been in show business for many years and has appeared in over 45 pieces in New York. Also famous for his comedy sketch television show, “The Beverly Bonner Show” and comedy shows produced at Don’t Tell Mama and the Wings Theater in New York City, Beverly has made a name for herself. Bonner now brings us “Casey 30 Years Later” based on his original character in the 1982 Frank Henenlotter cult horror film. “Cart Case“- I hope you are ready to laugh.

“Basket Case” will play at Broadway Comedy Club At New York. The famous comedy scene has seen performers like “Premium Blend” by Comedy Central, “The Late Show with David Letterman”, “The Jimmy Kimmel Show”, “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” and even “Showtime at The Apollo”. Framed photos of Shawn Wayans and Rosie O’Donnell decorate the walls where famous comedians once entertained crowds. Beverly Bonner joins the impeccable comic book list with her corky antics and big personality.

Casey and his basket delight audiences with their more than “special” relationship and their devious but hilarious ways. Casey, who disowned Beverly Bonner 30 years later, shows us just how rewarding life has become just being Casey. His dear basket and his idiotic and faithful assistant run a bar with a little side activity. Casey is Madame Casey, the head of a stable of mature and aged prostitutes, “Ladies of the Evening”. “I’m the one they all adore, especially these young black rappers,” says the highest-paid companion in the group.

Transgender fights, name calling, bipolar ruptures and carnivorism; this show is sure to leave you with ROTFL (Rolling On The Floor Laughing for you non texters). Beverly’s play is interactive, fun, funny, breathtaking, and outrageous. There are no lines that cannot be crossed and no shame in a little “real conversation”. Ms. Bonner is a true artist and director. She knows what she wants and how to do a hell of a production with an incredible cast of great actors.

Get ready for a friendly and fun atmosphere with no room for sadness. “Casey 30 Years Later” will debut June 29 at the Broadway Comedy Club. Do not miss the presence of Beverly Bonner, Raymond Lopez, Sarah Young, Fenelon Guillaume, Margery Cohen and many others.

Click below to see an excerpt from “Basket Case”.

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