American comedy tells people to prepare in Welsh

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Wrexham AFC co-owner Rob McElhenney on Apple TV + Mythic Quest

An American comedy show sent a special Welsh language message.

The official Apple TV + Mythic Quest Twitter account, which features Wrexham AFC co-owner Rob McElhenney, told people to “prepare for battle.”

He shared a tweet from the Wrexham AFC account which included a photo of McElhenney on the show, holding a shield with the club badge on it.

Wrexham AFC’s tweet said: “We really like @mythic_quest now. Go watch Season 2 on May 7 on AppleTV. Cool shield, @RMcElhenney.

The Mythic Quest message in response reads, “Paratowch ar gyfer brwydr. Ond gwnewch yn siŵr bod AD yn cŵl ag ef.

It means: “Prepare for battle. But make sure AD is cool with it.

McElhenney, who owns Wrexham alongside Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds, is the co-creator, showrunner and actor of the Apple TV + show.

‘Video game’

It follows the story of a video game studio that produces the popular game Mythic Quest, and it plays the character of its creator Ian Grimm.

In multiplayer role-playing, players often inhabit a sci-fi or fantasy world.

The Wrexham AFC club badge is featured in the standalone episode “Mythic Quest: Everlight”, where the characters met in a “magical forest”.

It debuted three weeks before the nine-episode second season and features narration by Welsh actor Anthony Hopkins.

While working with Hopkins, he told Variety: “Craig Mazin [producer and guest star] said, ‘Oh, I know Anthony Hopkins’ lawyer, let’s call him.’ And in 20 minutes, I’m talking to Anthony Hopkins.

“He sent me four takes and each one was perfect and that was it. The irony is that when we got him on the phone I said, ‘What time is it over there? But he was in Los Angeles. And he said his street and I’m not exaggerating, he lives a block and a half from my house.

McElhenney said a lot of people thought it was “a video game show,” but he says the team’s intention from the start was to do “a show about people working together in an office and that they were just working in the video game industry. “

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