American comedy series with Hollywood actors filming in Blackpool – updates

Film crews were busy filming scenes at a hair salon in Empress Drive yesterday (Tuesday April 19), with Australian star Cate Blanchett reportedly taking part in the filming.

The production was kept under wraps and the crew kept a low profile about which famous actors film at the station.

But today (Wednesday April 20), the Gazette can reveal that crews are in town filming an episode of a hit American comedy series.

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Scenes for hairdressers are filmed at Salon K, on ​​the corner of Empress Drive and Holmfield Road in North Shore, which was renamed Edwina’s Salon for the documentary Now! episode

Documentary now! is an American mockumentary television series from the producers of a long-running American sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live.

It’s a cult show in the US – and popular in the UK too (available on Prime) – which remakes famous documentary films in a comedic style.

With Fred Armisen (Portlandia) and Bill Hader (barry, Presenter), the parody show features guest appearances by some of Hollywood’s biggest names.

Helen Mirren also appears at the start of each episode to introduce the “classic” documentary the audience is about to see.

Crew members take a break from filming at Empress Drive, Blackpool today (Tuesday April 19)

The show was nominated for six Emmy Awards during its run and was very well received by critics.

Famous names to star in past episodes include Cate Blanchett, Owen Wilson, Michael Keaton, Jack Black, Anne Hathaway, and screen legends Peter Fonda, Mia Farrow, and Faye Dunaway.

They are currently filming a fourth season which is set to air in the US and UK later this year.

What documentary does the Blackpool episode parody?

Filming is taking place at Empress Drive through Friday April 22 as the cast and crew shoot scenes at a local barbershop

The episode will be a parody of a 1994 BBC documentary titled Three lounges by the sea, a touching and funny fly on the wall about old ladies at a hairdresser in Blackpool.

It is parodied as Two hairdressers in Bagglyportabout a hair salon owner and her staff in the fictional coastal village of Bagglyport as they prepare their annual style book.

Scenes for the hairdressers are filmed at Salon K, on ​​the corner of Empress Drive and Holmfield Road in North Shore, which was renamed Edwina’s Salon for the episode.

Because it is set in the 1990s, crews must briefly close the road to traffic during filming to prevent modern cars from appearing in the shots.

Traffic and pedestrians are held back at intervals for about three minutes while filming takes place between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. until Friday (April 22).

Which famous actors are on set in Blackpool?

Cate Blanchett – who starred in a previous episode – was rumored to be filming at the station, but we’ve yet to catch a glimpse of the Oscar winner.

And fellow Oscar winner Helen Mirren, who hosted all 20 episodes of the hit series, is also said to have made an appearance on the station.

But they haven’t been spotted yet by our eagle-eyed photographer, who will bring you the latest footage as filming continues this week.

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