American Comedy Club Changes Name To ‘Protest’ To Stay Open During COVID-19

Posted on Jul 14, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has made live cultural experiences virtually impossible. While most of us try to act like adults and come to terms with this disappointing reality for the greater good, others find loopholes for our events to continue. Take, for example, a San Diego comedy club that renamed its stand-up windows to “protests.”

As CBS 8 reports that the American Comedy Co. in San Diego has temporarily changed its name to “The American Comedy Company’s Cultural Connection Community Communication Center.” Its shows are now technically “comedy shows of civil disobedience”, its actors are now “demonstrators” and its performances are “demonstrations”.

Nathan Donovan, the club’s open mic party host, said, “We don’t have a stage anymore. We have a ‘protest platform’.”

Donovan added that the move is in response to what he sees as hypocrisy on the part of the local government, which allows people to legally gather for protests but not for family picnics.

The “community center” keeps some precautions in place. Although their capacity is 200, they only allow 50 audience members at a time. Everyone must wear a face covering and no food or alcohol is served. In addition, “demonstrations” are free to attend.

Donovan added that he plans to rename the club to “church” next week.

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