Aisling Bea is shooting a comedy about a woman marrying her deceased fiancé

Monday, October 10, 2022, 11:36 a.m. by Jay Richardson

  • Aisling Bea stars in film And Mrs, about a woman who continues her marriage, despite the death of her fiancé
  • Starring Colin Hanks and Billie Lourd, the bittersweet comedy is currently filming in east London
  • Director Daniel Reisinger ‘put so many brilliant and funny actors in every role,’ Bea said.

Aisling Bea

Aisling Bea is set to play the role of a woman whose fiancé dies shortly before their wedding day, but she decides to go ahead and marry him anyway, in a film being filmed in east London.

In the bittersweet comedy And Mrs, Bea is Gemma, whose future American husband, Nathan, played by Colin Hanks (Fargo), falls dead just before their wedding.

When, encouraged by her chaotic but well-meaning sister-in-law, Audrey (Libraryof Billie Lourd), Gemma decides to go ahead with the marriage, she must overcome public opinion, the law of the land and even the objections of her own family.

Directed by Australian director Daniel Reisinger (Side swipe), the film also features Ever Decreasing Circles star Peter Egan and The Detectorists’ Divian Ladwa, with more cast members yet to be announced.

It is the second film from comedy producer Dan Hine (Cuckoo) and his production company Who’s On First, formed in 2016 with Roughcut’s Ash Atalla, following Borat co-creator Dan Mazer’s 2021 feature. The exchange.

Posting from set, This Way Up creator Bea wrote on Instagram:

“Halfway through filming #AndMrs with @colinhanks and my adoptive little sister @praisethelourd. Director @Danreiso has put so many brilliant and funny actors in all the roles (which I’m not yet allowed to say because the CIA is going to arrest me or something) and we also have an amazing work team.

And Mrs is written by London-based Australian writer Melissa Bubnic, whose credits include Shameless, Delicious and wild beak.

US entertainment website Variety reports that Hine will produce alongside US producing and financing partners FirstGen Content. FirstGen executive producers include Michael D’Alto, Chris Triana, Claude Amadeo and Randal Sandler.

“And Mrs. is the comedy we need after the past two years, the one that helps us laugh through tears,” Reisinger told the website. “We’re lucky to have a cast that’s good enough to set the unique tone and truly embody their characters.”

Hine added, “We’re absolutely thrilled to be working with these three actors, who all share a deep personal connection to the material. It feels like this story has really found its moment post-pandemic – we can’t wait to give it a go.” life. “

Bea should also star in the detective film Sweet dreams with Mia Goth, Niamh Algar and Nick Frost and recently filmed The best daysthe film based on the songs of Take That, starring Jayde Adams, Alice Lowe and Marc Wootton.

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