ADIFF Chicago Film Series 2022


3 p.m. Moto-taxi (90mins)

Directed by Narcisse Wandji, Cameroon, 2021, 90min, Drama, French with English subtitles

“Bendskins” is the name given to motorcycle drivers in Cameroon. Following the lives of three bendskins, Moto Taxi tells the story of Sani, Marie and Franck as they haul their groceries through the gravel and pothole streets of modern, urban Africa, giving us a Glimpse of their private lives along the way: Sani gets in trouble with her pregnant girlfriend’s father, who isn’t afraid to put on weight. Marie is looking for a man who raped her years ago. And Franck tries to get rid of a bag with shocking contents.

5 p.m. The Mali-Cuba connection (81mins)

Directed by Edouard Salier and Richard Minier | 2020 | France, Cuba, Mali | Documentary | Spanish, French with English subtitles

In the midst of the Cold War, ten promising young musicians from Mali are sent to Cuba to study music and strengthen cultural ties between the two socialist countries. Combining Malian and Afro-Cuban influences, they develop a revolutionary new sound and become the emblematic ensemble “Las Maravillas de Mali”. On New Year’s Eve 2000, Richard Minier, a French music producer meets a former member of the group in Bamako and decides to reunite the group.

7 p.m. The Sleeping Negro (72mins)

Directed by Skinner Myers, USA, 2021, 72min, Drama, English

Faced with a series of racist incidents, a young black man must overcome rage, alienation and despair in order to find his own humanity. The young black man, identified simply as “Man”, must resolve the personal meaning of his blackness when his white boss orders him to commit fraud for the benefit of the company. Struggling with an overwhelming sense of shame at having agreed to the illegal request, Man seeks solace by discussing his discomfort with a former black friend and his white fiancé. It’s not going well…

8:45 p.m. Return of the Moon: Sophiatown 1958 (95mins)

Directed by Angus Gibson, South Africa, 2019, 95min, Drama, Zulu with English subtitles

Oscar-nominated South African director Angus Gibson takes us back to the glitz and menace of Sophiatown in his sleek new film, Back of the Moon. on July 28, 1958, Badman, an intellectual and the leader of Sophiatown’s most powerful gang falls in love with the gorgeous Eve Msomi, a torch singer on the night the people of Sophiatown are to be evicted from Sophiatown by apartheid police .


1 p.m. She had a dream (90mins)

Directed by Raja Amari, Tunisia, 2020, 90min, Documentary, Arabic and French with English subtitles

Ghofrane, 25, is a young black Tunisian woman and a committed activist who speaks her mind, she embodies the current political upheaval in Tunisia. Victim of racial discrimination, Ghofrane decides to go into politics. We follow his extraordinary journey, from action on his ambition to disillusionment. Through her attempts to persuade close friends and complete strangers to vote for her, her campaign reveals the many faces of a country seeking to forge a new identity for itself. In its own way, this documentary highlights the place of women in the changing Tunisian society.

15:00 Sugar Cane Mischief (76mins)

Directed by Juan A. Zapata, Dominican Republic/Spain, 2021, 76min, Documentary, Spanish with English subtitles

A documentary about a case of modern slavery in one of the largest sugar cane plantations in the world, located in the Dominican Republic and owned by the Fanjul family, one of the most powerful families in America.

4:45 p.m. Dancing the Twist in Bamako (129mins)

Directed by Robert Guédiguian, France / Canada / Senegal, 2021, 129min, Romantic drama, French with English subtitles

Mali, 1962. The youth of Bamako dance the twist to rock and roll music freshly imported from the West and dream of political renewal. Samba, a young socialist, falls in love with fiery Lara during one of his missions in the bush. To escape her forced marriage, she secretly runs away with him to town. But Lara’s husband won’t let them, and the Revolution soon brings painful disappointments as they dream of a future together.

7:30 p.m. Loimata, the sweetest tears (94mins)

Directed by Anna Marbrook, New Zealand / Samoa. 2021, 94 minutes, Documentary, English and Samoan with English subtitles

The redeeming story of waka builder and captain Lilo Ema Siope’s final years, the breathtaking Loimata: The Sweetest Tears is a chronicle of travels. Faced head-on with intergenerational trauma, the Siope family returns to their homeland of Samoa. For Ema’s father, it’s the first time he’s returned to his hometown since he left in 1959. The result is a poignant yet tender story of a family’s unconditional love for each other. another and a commitment to become whole again.

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