A series of non-fiction shorts sets the return of Season 4 on PBS

EXCLUSIVE: Nominated for Oscars and Emmy Awards POV shorts, from American Documentary, is slated to launch its fourth season via PBS and streamed on POV.org on September 6. This season will feature 13 new, diverse non-fiction shorts across 7 episodes addressing the complexities of family, identity and community.

“This is a deeply touching group of films, especially given the challenges of the past year,” said Opal H. Bennett, producer of POV Shorts. “We see reunion and redemption, grace and compassion, and displays of inimitable human spirit. Our fourth season aims to bring you stories that will linger long after they’ve been shown. “

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Find a breakdown of each episode below.

EPISODE 1: Where I’m from – Stories about the house and how it shapes us.

Broadcast date: September 6, 2021

A broken house, dir. Jimmy goldblum

Mohamad Hafez received a one-way ticket to the United States. Lacking his homeland, he decided to create a replacement. A story of love, loss and making paths home.

Sing me a lullaby, dir. Tiffany Hsiung

Spanning 14 years and two continents, a girl searches for her mother’s biological parents in Taiwan, unraveling the complex tensions between love and sacrifice.

Joychild, real. Aurore Brachman

A young child tells his mother “I am not a girl” for the first time.

EPISODE 2: Dreaming of life – Two stories of self-acceptance and joy.

Broadcast date: November 8, 2021

Another Hayride, real. Matt wolf

As the AIDS epidemic took hold in the early 1980s, self-help guru Louise Hay created a healing space called Hayride. By attracting hundreds of gay men facing a deadly pandemic, Louise vowed that self-esteem would help them beat AIDS.

Towards the future, with love, dir. Shaleece Haas

Meet Hunter “Pixel” Jimenez, 19, a non-binary trans boy caught between the expectations of his Guatemalan immigrant family and his dreams of living happily ever after.

EPISODE 3: Family healingTwo windows on what it means to be a survivor,

Broadcast date: November 15, 2021

I’m free, now you’re free, dir. Ash Goa Hua

A story about the reunion and reparation between Mike Africa Jr and his mother Debbie Africa, a former political prisoner of MOVE9.

seahorse, dir. Nele Dehnenkamp

Against the backdrop of a community swimming pool, a young Yazidi girl quietly struggles with her traumatic memories of the Mediterranean Sea.

EPISODE 4: Activated Care and Grace – Stories of Courageous Empathy in the Face of Loss

Broadcast date: November 22, 2021

guilas, dir. Kristy Guevara-Flanagan and Maite Zubiaurre

Along Arizona’s scorching southern border, an estimated one in five missing migrants is found. guilas is the story of a group of researchers – the guilas del Desierto – who volunteer every month to find the missing.

The hairdresser, dir. Lorraine Prize

In this short documentary, Kathleen looks back on her experience as a hairdresser while testifying to her atypical work.

EPISODE 5: Become myself: Two conversations about identity and connection – selections from the POV Spark / NFB series, Other.

Broadcast date: December 13, 2021

Integrate.me, dir. Tristan Angieri

This short film follows Tristan, a young adult who grew up queer, trans and traumatized. They took the risk of experimental therapy, finding their authentic place.

Elaine is almost, dir. Emily yue

Explore unconditional love between siblings as one sister interviews another on the eve of her 14th and 15th birthdays.

EPISODE 6: Brother : A story of family sacrifice and bonds of brotherhood.

Broadcast date: December 27, 2021

Brother, dir. Jeremiah Battaglia

Living with an illness that causes him to lose the use of his body, Kaïs is woken up every morning by a different member of his family. Although paralyzed, he dreams that he is the hero of his favorite manga, along with his brothers: Fehd, the bodybuilder and Zaid, the ninja.

EPISODE 7: The Meryland Team: Meet Meryland, a 12-year-old boxer with Olympic dreams.

Release date: January 24, 2022

Meryland team, dir. Gabriel Gaurano

In Watts’ projects, twelve-year-old boxer Meryland Gonzales trains to be crowned the 2019 Junior Olympic Champion. Meanwhile, her immigrant parents are working tirelessly to give their child a chance to make her dreams come true.

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